– Abilities & Qualifications – Overview
– Commercial Game Development Experience
– Military Simulation Development and Training Experience
– Technology Portfolio
– mōsbē Lite Simulation Development Platform

Abilities & Qualifications – Overview

BreakAway, Ltd. was founded in 1998 expressly to develop leading edge computer entertainment simulations, sophisticated, analytical military training models and advanced management models.

The company’s core competencies in instructional design, modeling complex systems and programming for a PC environment have enabled it to exploit the synergies within these two separate and distinct vertical markets. While both markets addressed by BreakAway have unique and distinct attributes; the underlying technology and design demands remain constant and therefore allow the company to leverage technology assets and re-use code across multiple markets in order to maximize profitability.


– Modeling complex systems for war game support.
– 3D visualization of Land, Sea, Undersea, Air, and Space operations
– Providing user-friendly simulations for tactical/ operational training and strategic war games.
– Providing these systems quickly and efficiently.
– Providing commercial best practices application to DoD software development.
– Providing error free software “on time & under budget”.
– Advanced 3D & 2D development on WINTEL platforms.

BreakAway is strategically located in Hunt Valley, Maryland to take advantage of the development resources offered by its longstanding commercial computer and video game development community. Hunt Valley is headquarters to Sid Meier’s Firaxis Games, Day One Studios, Big Huge Games and others. This location makes available a qualified and experienced pool of programmers, developers, artists, producers, and project managers while remaining convenient to the Northern Virginia government military technology corridor.

Since 1998, BreakAway has distinguished itself as a developer of award winning simulation games in a variety of genres. The Company’s combined talents have over 220 entertainment titles for the retail market to their credit in partnership with companies such as Sierra Online, Hasbro, The Walt Disney Company, and ABC Sports.

The Company also has strategic relationships with AAI, Boeing, Booz-Allen & Hamilton, GMA Industries, and General Dynamics among others. Our ability to form such relationships is a direct result of years of experience developing military models and operational PC-based warfare simulations for use by the Military. The US Army’s Training and Doctrine Command, The Office of the Secretary of Defense Net Assessment (OSD), the Army War College, the Navy War College, the National Defense University, the NATO War College, the Joint Forces Command Joint Experimentation Directorate and many other governmental and military organizations have also used BreakAway developed software.